Fall In Love With Your Color

FALL in love with goGLOW EXTEND!

This fall is definitely different than other years. Less trips planned, less weddings to attend, less ‘girl night out’s...but we want to be here for you no matter what! We know that everyone feels better about themselves and their body when they have a goGLOW to take the edge off of the palest of Midwest seasons!

Enter your new favorite product; EXTEND.

The name of this product might throw you off if you are not extending a goGLOW tan but think of this lotion as your gradually building GLOW lotion.

EXTEND is packed with nutrients and plant based antioxidants to give you the healthiest, hydrated, and glowy skin.

Here is how to goGLOW at home;

  • Exfoliate your entire body with EXFOLIATE and warm water. Apply CLEANSE to your body and rinse thoroughly with cool water.
  • Pat skin dry with towel and let your skin fully dry.
  • If necessary, apply HYDRATE lotion to overly dry areas of your skin (think elbows, ankles, knuckles).
  • Apply a dollop of EXTEND lotion to the velvet EXTEND APPLICATOR MITT and apply to body in circular motions until rubbed in fully. We suggest starting on your calves, and working your way up the body! Apply the excess of what is left on your mitt when you are done to the top of your hands and top of your feet.
  • Use your hands to apply EXTEND lotion to your face and wash your palms with soap thoroughly. If you have TOUCH UP, mist TOUCH UP on your face instead!
  • Repeat all steps daily until you reach your desired color, but only exfoliate 1x/week.
  • When you are dark enough, stop applying the EXTEND lotion for a day or two and only apply HYDRATE.

This will give you the perfect ‘I know s/he didn’t go on vacation but something looks different and s/he looks so healthy and glowy’ color that you did not know you needed!

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