How To Double Dip: The Secret To Two goGLOW's In One Week

Sometimes you might need to “double dip” or book two goGLOW’s in one week. This is ideal for those of you who are headed on a trip and want to be extra dark or you have back to back events within 6-8 days and you need to be GLOWing for both! In either case, you want to make sure you get it right so read below if you plan on doing a ‘double dip’ goGLOW!

Situation 1: You’re Headed On Vacation And Need An Extra Dark Glow 

We’re going to be honest right away, the length of tan will not be doubled (aka you will not go from 7 days to 14 days of tan) by using this method. Also, this approach does require some extra TLC and a bit more maintenance. Finally, you should not expect your tan to fade quite as nicely as it would if you had just did one.

The benefits are that you will be darker, and it can help if you know you will be doing some swimming as this double tan will hold up a bit better against those elements.

How It's Done

If you are leaving on vacation Saturday, make sure to book your first tan Wednesday, then again Friday. Preparation is key here and you should EXFOLIATE really well on Monday and Tuesday ahead of your first appointment – DO NOT re-exfoliate on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

On Thursday, moisturize with HYDRATE in the morning and in the evening, use CLEANSE in shower

Friday, use CLEANSE in shower, apply HYDRATE then come in for your goGLOW appointment. You will have a perfectly even, hydrated tan and we will use that as the "base" tan, so tanning on top of it this will make your skin much darker than you could have gotten by only coming in just once.

#goglowgirl tip: You can also achieve this at home with EXTEND, but to a lesser extent (you won’t be getting quite as much DHA on your skin). On the first and second day after you are sprayed, apply EXTEND and watch you goGLOW darken beautifully.  

Once you are on your vacation, continue to use moisturizer 2x daily by applying HYDRATE in the morning and applying EXTEND every night. This will help the tan fade very slowly, and will prevent any white blotches or white skin from showing through.

Situation Two: Two Events, Two goGLOW’s 

We normally recommend you spread out your goGLOW’s by at least 7-8 days, but if you need to fit two appointments in a tighter window of time, you can use this strategy.

Example: You come in on Thursday for a Saturday wedding, and you need to come back the following Tuesday or Wednesday for another event/trip the following week and want your color to be nice and GLOWing for both weeks but your goal is not to be DARK, just to have two normal tans closer together.

How It's Done

For this situation, exfoliate really well one day and two days before your first tan. Keep it hydrated and even by using CLEANSE and HYDRATE daily (do not use EXTEND, this will add DHA).

The night before your next spray appointment, gently exfoliate with EXFOLIATE on any areas that are looking a little uneven or rubbing off/wearing off. DO NOT fully exfoliate your skin if you have an overall even, but light, tan. You will have a light base tan when coming in for your second glow, but if everything is even - meaning no cracks or blotches - then we can spray on top of a light even base layer of glow.

#goglowgirl tip: If your tans are spaced out more than 8 days apart, it's best to completely exfoliate and start fresh - our skin cycle is approximately 7 days so for most skin types it is best to start over instead of cling on to whatever is leftover!

It is our mission to give you a GLOW you’ll love, if you have any questions or concerns before or after your appointment, please review our FAQ’s or email info@goglow.co.