Know Your Glow: Soybean Oil

Make sure you know what is in your sunless tan! It is our mission to provide you with high-quality skincare products that illuminate your natural beauty with a regenerative glow. Each month we will be featuring a natural ingredient in our products to highlight the benefits it provides.

We all love EXTEND for the natural, buildable glow it gives you without the harmful effects of the sun. What you might not know is that one ingredient found in EXTEND, soybean oil, actually helps repair UV ray damage, clear up your complexion and moisturize your skin. If you were to take a look at the ingredients in EXTEND, you would find soybean oil listed as the third ingredient in our gradual self-tanner, let’s talk about the benefits it has for your skin.

Repair and Protection

Soybean oil will not only help repair your skin from the harmful effects of the sun and free radicals, but it will also help protect your skin from UV rays (this is not a substitute for sunscreen, check out COOLA for sun care to help fully protect your glow. Skin damage caused by environmental factors like pollution can also be cleaned up by soybean oil and helps to give your skin a healthy glow.

Soybean oil is packed with antioxidants, like vitamin E, which help your skin stay clean, strong and healthy. Not only will these antioxidants fight damage from free radicals, but they help your skin stay looking younger and can even act as an anti-wrinkle/anti-aging oil.

Clear Skin, Healthy Moisturizer

Like we mentioned previously, soybean oil is a great source of vitamin E which is directly associated with improving the appearance of blemishes, reducing acne scarring, protecting the skin against sunburn, and stimulating the regrowth of new skin cells to promote healing. Vitamin E is also associated with general antioxidant activity in the rest of the body, which boosts the immune system and helps to eliminate free radicals that cause certain conditions like cancer, premature aging, cognitive disorders, and heart diseases.

This oil is great at removing skin blemishes caused by acne and reduces your blotchiness, dullness, and fine lines as well as improving overall skin tone, texture and appearance. It can also help moisturize and boost your collagen, which maintains your skins elasticity to help keep your glow looking youthful and healthy!
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