How To

Achieve that perfect glow.

  • Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Refrain from moisturizing with any oils or using any oil based exfoliating scrubs on your body. Oils will create a barrier between the skin and tan application. Make sure to scrub all dry areas as well; elbows, ankles, knees, feet, underarms, neck and face!
  • Shave, wax and remove any unwanted body hair.
  • Make sure all manicures, pedicures, waxing, facials and massages are done at least the day before your appt.
    The oils used in these services act as a barrier to the sunless solution and may result in an uneven tan.
  • Pack appropriate clothing! If it’s raining or elements are wet, make sure you have proper attire that covers you from head to toe. You don’t want one drop of rain or snow hitting your new GLOW. You will need to put on loose, dark cotton clothing after your glow – aka NO DENIM, tight waist bands, etc.
  • Take a shower – but just a warm water rinse. Any soaps, shampoos or conditioners that get on your skin the day of your tan may leave a residue and impede the sunless tanning process. Make sure not to use any “moisturizing soaps” – these will leave a film on your skin that will result in a blotchy tan. Stay far away from Dove, Dial, Ivory and similar products!
  • Skip the lotions, oils, perfume and deodorant OR plan on using an exfoliating mitt ($5) to take this all off!
  • WOMEN – Plan on wearing dark colored underwear or swimsuit bottoms. This will be your tan line. We have a female-only, professional and discreet staff, so you may wear whatever you’d like during your session.
    MEN – plan on wearing dark boxers or undergarments. We require male clients to wear bottoms. *We have disposable spa undergarments available upon request.
  • Change into a loose fitting top and bottom, no bras or tight clothing. Sweatpants, robes, pajamas, flip flops and/or loose t-shirts are best!
  • Keep your skin hydrated and moisturized daily with natural products. Stay away from mineral oil, AHAs, petroleum, ethanol, exfoliating and alcohol based products as these will strip your tan faster. Your goGLOW specialist will have a variety of safe, non-toxic products to preserve your goGLOW tan and promote healthy and hydrated skin, to keep your tan lasting!
  • Avoid over showering, long hot showers and baths, loofahs and exfoliants of any kind for 5-7 days. Keep in mind, the act of soaking and scrubbing during any nail treatments will remove the tan on the legs and feet.
  • Apply sunscreen, safe sun care is as equally important to us!

goGLOW currently has locations in Edina at 50th & France and Uptown. goGLOW On the Go is happy to serve clients in the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs.

As with any other product on the market, there are variations in quality in sunless solutions. Low grade DHA and low quality products have a tendency to react with skin poorly, causing it to look “orange.” Over exposure and over-darkening of the skin, or using expired products can also have this effect. We always choose the most natural looking sunless solution for your individual skin type, which is why we custom mix each and every solution.

If you are having “orange” results with high-quality solutions, this could be due to your skin’s chemistry. A pH imbalance or improperly prepared skin can impact how your goGLOW tan looks. We start each service with a pH balancing solution that coats your skin and balances any overly-dry skin to create the most even and natural looking glow possible. Traditional soaps strip the skins acid mantle of its natural repairing oils, which results in an unbalanced pH – which leads to uneven fading, rapid fading, orange tans and dry skin. We recommend our pH balancing sulfate-free soap-free cleanser for all of your postGLOW showers.

We guarantee that the solutions and products we use are top-quality and the best available. We stand by each and every goGLOW service, and only use eco-certified, pharmaceutical grade, organic DHA products. These solutions contain all natural additives and plant-based ingredients. Our aftercare products and solutions are PETA certified vegan, gluten free, paraben free, and sulfate free.

We are always learning new techniques, testing new solutions and taking the time to educate our staff about the latest-and-greatest. We will always communicate our knowledge to you, so you can be equipped to perfectly take care of your goGLOW. Our team has been extensively trained on the goGlow superior sunless tanning technique, one that cannot be replicated anywhere else. We are truly passionate about our craft and are always looking to perfect it.

To prepare your skin for the longest-lasting, healthiest-looking tan:


  • Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Use an exfoliating scrub, loofah or sponge to slough off any excess dead skin 48 hours before appointment.
  • Shave or wax at least 8 hours before appointment.
  • Schedule all manicure, pedicure, hair and massage appointments before your goGLOW.
  • Hold off from using lotions, oils, moisturizers, foundations, deodorants or perfumes. These products will prevent our tanning solution from achieving lasting coverage.
  • Better yet, take a warm water rinse right before your goGLOW appointment!


  • Wear loose-fitting, dark cotton clothes or a robe.
  • Leave solution on your skin for 24 hours before rinsing or sweating, unless instructed otherwise by your goGLOW specialist. Rapid tan (4 hours or less) solution is available.

To extend your goGLOW sunless tan:

  • For your first shower, we recommend just a warm water rinse. This means no soaps! To dry, pat your skin lightly with a towel.
  • Shower with a sulfate-free body wash. This is available to purchase at the time of your service if you so choose!
  • Avoid long hot showers, baths, loofahs and exfoliants for 5–7 days.
  • Avoid excessive sweating.
  • Apply moisturizers twice daily after your post-tan shower. Avoid moisturizers with the following ingredients—alpha hydroxy acids, alcohol, ethanol, mineral oil and parabens. These products promote your skin’s natural exfoliation, dry skin and strip your skin of its gorgeous glow!
  • Drink plenty of water before and after your goGLOW, as it keeps your skin hydrated.
  • Minimize the time you spend in chlorinated water. Swimming in lakes, though, is A-O.K!

Your first visit includes a custom color consultation, plus service. It will last approximately 20–30 minutes for a single person session.

Our specialists arrive with a collapsible tent that is approximately 4.5 x 4.5 x 6.5 that contains our tools and protects your surroundings. We can set up anywhere you would like!

During your goGLOW session, we recommend wearing dark undergarments or swimwear. Remember, what you wear during your session will be your “tan line”!

For our male clients, undergarments are required.

For our female clients, this is up to you and your level of comfort.

After your goGLOW session, it is best to wear a robe, or loose-fitting dark cotton clothing. You should avoid wearing any denim, or tight sports wear within the first few hours, so plan accordingly.

Nope. The solution goGLOW employs is water-soluble and will not stain. We recommend that you wear loose-fitting dark cotton clothing right after your goGLOW session, and avoid wearing anything “dry clean only” until after your first warm water rinse.

To get the deepest and darkest results, we suggest waiting 24 hours (16 hours minimum) before sweating, rinsing off in the shower or using any products. We use the highest grade solutions on the market today. Your tan will not feel sticky or have a strong odor before your first rinse.

Your goGLOW specialist can discuss other options with you, like our Rapid Tan formula, which allows you to rinse off in 1–4 hours. Your goGLOW specialist will give you an exact time to rinse, which depends on your skin’s complexion and your desired results. The Rapid Tan formula is best for those who are very active and would like to exercise or sweat in the first 24 hours of their goGLOW.

On average, 5–10 days. Factors such as skin type, activities and maintenance can cause your results to vary. Ask your goGLOW specialist for information about a healthy skin regimen and additional products to extend your glow.

Remember to keep your skin dry for 24 hours, and until your warm water rinse. Then we suggest you AVOID soaps—and anything that contains sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate (SLS). Bar soaps and Dove body products have the most SLS and highest pH, so those are a no-go for most skin types. SLS is an additive and an emulsifier that allows cleansing products to foam. This ingredient strips your skin of its natural oils and fatty acids—which will take your tan with it! Instead, try a soap-free & sulfate-free cleanser in your showers, which will gently lift any dirt and impurities off your skin while leaving your goGLOW perfectly intact!

Next, we suggest you moisturize twice daily, but generic drug store lotions are not your spray tan friends! Common moisturizers have parabens (preservatives) to lengthen the product’s shelf life. Four different types of parabens can be found in cosmetics: ethyl paraben, butyl paraben, methyl paraben, and propyl paraben. Instead, look for lotions and products that are paraben-free and use them within 6 months to a year. All of our retail products and sunless tanning solutions are paraben free.

Mineral oil is in most lotions and cosmetics, and works by forming an oily layer on top of the skin and trapping water in your skin. Using mineral oil based lotions will cause your tan to fade quicker because mineral oil is made from petroleum, and breaks down the spray tan on the top layer of your skin. Instead, try a natural oil that is good for your skin and spray tan—like coconut oil!

Alpha hydroxy acids, lactic acids, citric acids and glycolic acids help your dead skin cells fall off—great for exfoliating before a tan but not so great to make your tan last! goGLOW specialists retail a variety of vegan, paraben free, mineral oil free and plant based moisturizers that will promote your own skin’s natural hydration and a long, lasting GLOW.

We also carry a variety of touch up sprays, with pharmaceutical grade DHA, to build or refresh your sunless tan. These are perfect to take with you on vacations or for special events to refresh the glow on your face, hands, or décolletage. Your goGLOW specialist can help you choose the right formula to use after your session.

Yes! But first, we’ll need a signed waiver from your parent/guardian.

Congratulations! After the first trimester contact your physician for the OK. Have him/her give you signed consent before your session. This can be emailed to or you may bring a copy with you to your appointment.

Dihydroxyacetone, or DHA is primarily used as an ingredient in sunless tanning products. It is often derived from plant sources such as sugar beets and sugar cane, and by the fermentation of glycerin. DHA has long been FDA approved. The amino acids on your skin’s surface respond naturally to the DHA and other complementing ingredients in the tanning formula. The same process occurs when an apple is left out and it “browns.” The result? The most beautiful sunless tan you’ve ever seen.

With our training in color contouring and airbrush techniques, goGLOW specialists can subtly shift the tanning palette to respond to your body’s contours, minimizing “trouble” areas while highlighting your natural assets.

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