Our hydrating body butter infused with Argan Oil. This moisturizer is formulated to absorb quickly without the greasy residue. Packed with antioxidants, Omega-6 fatty acids boost cell production and ease in application while moisturizing your skin. Organic Rose Hip Oil combats free radicals and combines with Vitamin A to improve your skin’s tone, texture and pigmentation. BONUS; SAFE FOR FACE! Use one penny-size amount for entire face, pre-makeup in the AM or post-cleansers and serums in the PM. This is safe to have on your skin before you come in for goGLOW services or before using goGLOW self tanning products. PARABEN + SULPHATE FREE // VEGAN // GLUTEN FREE

8 Reviews

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    Posted by Lesley on 15th Jun 2020

    I love trying new products, and this has been a delightful surprise! I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. I was hesitant at first since it feels like a thicker consistency, but on the contrary-it’s smooth and melts right into your skin. I don’t tend to use the same face & body moisturizer, but I’m so obsessed with this product that I have been using it all over on both.

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    Never Going Back to Other Lotions!

    Posted by Colette on 27th May 2020

    Hydrate is easily my favorite moisturizer for daily use! I absolutely looooove the smell, as well as the clean hydrated finish. I am not a big fan of lotions typically, because they leave me feeling greasy and I am very picky about scents.. but once I found Hydrate I knew I found my forever lotion. The ingredients speak for themselves, I know I am using a high quality product and a little goes a long way. Even the travel bottle has lasted so long, I wanted to savor it but life is too short so I just got the large tube and couldn’t be happier. I love all of my goGlow products but would say Hydrate wins since it works for everyone, going to start giving this as my go-to gift for friends! Thank you goGlow for your amazing product lineup, as well as amazing tans!

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    Hydrate go glow

    Posted by Danielle on 20th May 2020

    Love this product! Super hydrating without feeling oily! I use on my whole body.

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    Best. Lotion. Ever

    Posted by Megan S on 4th May 2020

    This is hands down the best lotion ever. It may be spendy, but knowing how clean the ingredients are and how well it works, it's 100% worth it. Plus, it is the best on sun burns! I recently had one on my shoulders, I used Hydrate every day and I did not peel ONCE (I always peel). I HIGHLY recommend!!

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    Life Changer

    Posted by Jess on 2nd May 2020

    I use this moisturizer full-time, especially on my face, whether I have a goglow spray tan or not. My skin is naturally very dry and I get eczema patches on my face but this moisturizer is seriously God-sent. It smells amazing and isn’t harsh on my skin and, most importantly, it keep my skin from completely drying out- unlike so many other lotions I’ve tried. Cannot say enough good things about this product.

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    Buttery, Dreamy Soft Skin

    Posted by Kelly Nickele on 29th Apr 2020

    I cannot say enough good things about this hydrating lotion. It's creamy and rich and amazing. I highly recommend using it once you get out of the shower and your skin is still damp. It soaks right in and leaves your skin super soft and hydrated!

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    Posted by Lauren on 29th Apr 2020

    I love this product! I am big into spray tans and this lotions help you stay hydrated and doesn’t wash your tan off. It’s perfect!

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    Your Skin Will LOVE this

    Posted by Clare on 28th Apr 2020

    My skin would literally shrivel up without this. This moisturizer is the hydrating boost you need year round.