The Case for Cold Showers

It’s January in Minnesnowta (goGLOW Headquarters) and we realize everyone, and we mean everyone, hates being cold right now. Time spent dusting snow off cars and scraping ice from the windows leaves us unable to even think about being cold in the shower, but after reading this blog, hopefully you will at least consider it!

Cold showers help with;
* calming itchy skin
* waking you up
* increasing circulation
* reducing muscle soreness post-workout
* glowing hair and skin

A new year gives you a new opportunity to set intentions for how you want to spend your days. A lot of people on social media are starting a new diet, a fitness challenge, or beginning their day with a new routine like fresh squeezed lemon in hot water. We love any ideas that help you become the best physical and mental version of yourself. At goGLOW, we want to inspire and encourage you to care for yourself in all aspects, especially and your skin’s health. In the winter months, general hydration levels of skin tend to dip as we drink less water and take hotter showers in reaction to the colder temperatures outside. The humidity in the air also typically drops and we find our skip and lips constantly chapped. This is no fun for anyone to experience, let alone when you are trying to maintain a gorgeous goGLOW!

Your skin may feel more tight and itchy this time of year, and that may be from generally dry or dehydrated skin. Adam Friedman M.D. says if you have itchy skin (or skin conditions that cause you to itch) cold showers can help you overcome the sensation to scratch.

To give yourself the motivation to get through your strenuous workdays, you may look forward to your favorite warm beverage; coffee. But if you are looking to wake yourself up without the addition of copious amounts of caffeine, try taking a cold shower right away in the morning. Yes, a cold(or colder than you’re used to!) shower. The cold water hitting your skin will cause a little shock. This shock increases your oxygen intake, heart rate and alertness.

Increased circulation is one of the top reasons experts recommend cold showers. As cold water hits your body, it constricts circulation on the surface of your skin. This causes blood in your deeper tissues to circulate at faster rates to maintain ideal body temperature. In that sense, a cold shower has the opposite effect of a hot shower for someone with hypertension or cardiovascular disease, since exposure to cold temperatures triggers the circulatory system to reduce inflammation.

Ever wondered why professional athletes use cryotherapy or take ice baths after an intense workout? Cold water has regenerative properties that can help your muscles relax and repair after a tough workout.

Our personal favorite benefit of cold showers are the benefits to your hair and skin. Your goGLOW sunless tan will look 100x better - that is a scientific fact ;) - if your skin is in optimal condition. Skin is full of sebum; an oily, waxy substance produced by your body’s sebaceous glands. It coats, moisturizes and naturally protects your skin. To be more specific, sebum contains triglycerides and fatty acids, wax esters, squalene and cholesterol. Cold water, unlike hot water, does not dry out the sebum layer of skin. This means your skin can naturally maintain the lubricated barrier that provides protection for your skin and hair without outside sources like conditioners and lotions. If your skin still needs lotion (this is a lot of us!) make sure to apply your lotion right after you get out of the shower, when your skin is still wet. This will help prevent transepidermal water loss.

If you can’t handle cold showers, try to turn the dial down little by little, day after day. You will see a huge improvement in how your skin reacts to the cold temperatures and how your goGLOW tan fades over time!


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