Back to Basics: Tips to Achieve Your Best goGLOW

I have self-tanner at home, maybe I’ll just use that to get some color. Not to toot our own horn, but our custom application doesn’t compare to any DIY home tan. Leave your tan to our trained goGLOW girls and you’ll leave with a glow that won’t have you trying to cover your splotchy ankles and elbows. Most self-tanning products contain low-grade DHA, toxic parabens and mineral oils, all of which just translates to an uneven orangey tan. I’ve had spray tans before on a whim. I am probably prepared for my goGLOW. Okay we love you but like, don’t do that. Follow these steps and your glow will be flawless!

1. Exfoliate

Ideally this should be done 24-48 hours before your appointment. When you get rid of those dead skin cells, your sunless tan can absorb evenly. Avoid any oil-based exfoliants when you’re scrubbing head to toe; that’ll just create a barrier between your skin and your tan. We recommend using any sort of deep exfoliating mitt - we’re over the moon obsessed with our EXFOLIATE  mitt available at all goGLOW locations, and online.

2. Rinse

Hop in the shower for a quick warm water rinse (no soaps or body washes) prior to your appointment. The best way to arrive for your goGLOW is with clean, bare skin!

3. Balance

Stay away from traditional soaps and body washes containing sulfates in the days leading up to your goGLOW. We recommend a pH balancing, sulfate-free cleanser like our CLEANSE to balance your skin which will do wonders for the evenness of your tan. What should I wear? We encourage our female clients to wear whatever makes them feel most comfortable. Our professional and discreet all-female staff will consult on tan lines for vacations, special events or weddings. Our male clients must plan to tan in their boxers, briefs or swim trunks. Can my skin even tan? We keep each client’s individual base skin tone and skin type in mind when selecting a mixing a custom goGLOW. All skin tones and types can have an awesome goGLOW! It’s raining! Will water ruin my tan? Bring loose, dark clothing (sweat pants, big t-shirt and flip flops) to change into after your appointment. Avoid sweating and having bare skin exposed to inclement weather. If it is raining or snowing, pack an umbrella, raincoat and close-toe shoes! To skip the hassle, book a goGLOW On The Go! and have us come to you in the comfort of your own home (available in the Twin Cities, MN and surrounding suburbs). Getting a spray tan protects me from a sunburn, right? Sunless tanning will give you the effect of a tan but will not provide any SPF. Stay protected when exposed to the sun this summer or when you’re on vacation with organic and antioxidant based sunscreens like COOLA’s line of suncare. For the best results, listen to the guidance of your goGLOW girl. She will provide special tips and tricks to maintain your glow and make this service part of your beauty routine!