Fixing Your goGLOW When It's Rained or Snowed On

Look, life happens - and the reality is that after you get your goGLOW, you may get snowed on, rained on, spilled on, etc. before your tan has a chance to develop and set. In the case that something like this happens, we want to share some of our best tips on how to fix it.

  1.   First things first, you need our EXTEND APPLICATOR MITT ($8). This is a life changing tool. It is not just for self-tan application, but any kind of spray tan or self-tan blending you can imagine.

HOW TO USE; If you see any streaks or blotches from any spills or natural disasters, and your skin is still wet/damp, then take this applicator mitt and blot, DO NOT RUB. Pat the area until you see the streak start to go away. If your skin is dry and the streak is stuck, dampen the mitt ever so slightly and ring out any excess moisture and then do the same.

  1.   If you do not have our extend applicator mitt, you can achieve a similar effect with a Beautyblender or a similar makeup blending sponge. If you do not have that, a clean slightly damp makeup BRUSH would also work but the other two options are ideal!

Make sure to KEEP IN MIND, you never want to panic – the streak that you see is just cosmetic bronzer, it is not the tan itself. DHA is clear, trust us - the tan underneath this cosmetic bronzer is still working and developing and attached to your skin. The bronzer will streak, but the tan will last even after you shower, especially if you follow these steps.

There is rarely a need for you to come back into our studio and ask for respray. Our best advice is to let it process and we can always assess the damage the following day AFTER you have showered if there are any streaks left.

#goGLOWgirltip: As always, a great way to keep your goGLOW and fix any problem areas is to stock up on our TOUCH UP spray or EXTEND lotion and keep it on hand. You can use the TOUCH UP or EXTEND lotion the next day as a spot treatment if any marks or streaks are left.

You do not need to spray the TOUCH UP or EXTEND right after you have made the 'oopsie' - let the tan develop and process, rinse, then use the TOUCH UP spray or pop back in to our studio for a little touch up/blending!

It’s our mission to give you a GLOW you’ll love, if you happen to have any “natural disasters” after your goGLOW, make sure to remain calm, follow these steps and reach out to us with any questions or concerns after you let your tan fully develop. The best way to contact our team is via email at info@goglow.co.