NEW goGLOW Skincare Line Launched!

At goGLOW, your skin is at the center of our service. This is why we ask about your concerns during your appointment and want to know how each and every tan wears and fades. Over the past seven years, we have seen just about everything. Our clients always have unique stories and absolutely everyone has their own skinsecurities. We are all on a personal mission to achieve our most healthy glow. Whether it's dry, itchy or tight feeling skin, our goal has always been to provide products that help address your specific needs while ensuring they work synergistically to enhance your sunless tan.

On our quest to provide the ultimate skincare service, we have tested what feels like every skincare product on the market. Some are great, others work well for a bit and quite a few just aren't so pretty. goGLOWgirls don't settle. We knew we were capable of creating our own products made with the very best tested and trusted ingredients.

Over the last year, Mel has been hard at work with a team of chemists testing those ingredients to provide flawless sunless care while toning, hydrating and restoring your skin. We sought out only the highest grade components to build this line. We have used organic ingredients when available and packed our products with the highest quality natural fruit extracts to bring you our simple, restorative and glowing line of products.

Our line features four of our essential products to help you achieve long lasting, healthy skin during your glow and in between.

Let's break it down:


Protect your glow with our pH balancing daily cleanser. This hydrating cleanser contains hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture and create fullness. we have added Organic Gingko Biloba to help fight the visible signs of aging. Organic Meadowsweet extract soothes and tones while Organic Calendula extract brightens and reenergizes your skin, making this the perfect soap-free addition to your routine.


Give your skin a drink with our hydrating body butter infused with Argan Oil. This moisturizer is formulated to absorb quickly without the greasy residue. Packed with antioxidants, Omega-6 fatty acids boost cell production and ease inflammation while moisturizing your skin. Organic Rose Hip Oil combats free radicals and combines with Vitamin A to improve your skin's tone, texture and pigmentation.


Our gradual self tanning moisturizer is great to use to extend the life of a goGLOW or on its own for a little at home color boost. Made with Organic coconut oil, this powerful moisturizer restores dry or flaking skin. Extend makes natural, buildable color on your arms, legs, stomach, shoulders and back foolproof. Banana Fruit Extract and Caffeine pack your skin full of antioxidants, stimulate collagen and help skin to appear tight and smooth. Kakadu Plum Fruit Extract has been added as an amazing source of Vitamin C, which is essential for naturally glowing skin.


Restore beautiful color on your face, hands, décolleté and feet with goGLOW's sunless Touch Up Spray.  Hyaluronic acid hydrates for youthful, radiant skin. Organic Aloe Leaf Juice soothes and regenerates the skin, providing even, naturally bronze color to those faster fading areas of the body; helping to extend the life of your tan!

All four essentials are available in full or TSA approved sizes at all goGLOW locations.

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