What To Wear For Your goGLOW

One of the keys to getting the most out of your goGLOW is to pack the appropriate clothing. This can make all the difference in how your glow sets and develops, so make sure to read on about what clothes you should wear and which ones you should skip when heading to and from your appointment.

First things first, make sure to factor in the weather, if it’s raining or elements are wet/snowy, make sure you have proper attire that covers you from head to toe. You don’t want one drop of rain or snow hitting your new goGLOW.

We recommend you wear loose-fitting, dark cotton clothing after your goGLOW as a general rule, but we wanted to get a little bit more specific about which types of clothes you might not want to bring to your appointment and which ones we recommend.

What to Wear:

Try to wear loose long sleeves to protect skin from touching skin, while avoiding tight elastic waist bands and zippers. Opt instead for loose sweats with an adjustable tie strap for a loose waist band which won't leave marks.

Footwear is key as any rubbing here can totally ruin the natural look of your tan. If weather permits, go with flip lops as they won't rub off the tan. If you need a warmer option, slip on shoes are a great way to go as they won't be too tight to rub off your brand new goGLOW.


Another option if you are heading back to lunch or work is a jumpsuit which protects you from armpit/arm-to-arm skin touching and protects from leg touching. #goglowgirl tip - if you're heading back to work after your appointment, go for something presentable and with minimal straps and good skin coverage that won't show stains or bronzer transfer, and most importantly will protect the skin from touching.

What not to wear:


Avoid wearing zippers right on top of your skin following your goGLOW, they will rub on the chest and remove the tan. Wearing white denim runs the risk of staining your clothing and will also show tan and bronzer transfer.

We love leggings as much as anyone, but not right after a goGLOW, athletic leggings are not a breathable fabric, and will rub off the tan on the legs, in the seams.

Avoid wearing elaborate undergarments like this bra top to prevent strap marks. And make sure to wear loose-fitting footwear to prevent rubbing, these sandals look great, just let your goGLOW set for 24 hours before strapping them on.